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Have a breather and be at peace in a place where you can utterly replenish your stressed minds and bodies. Be in a paradise within the city as you explore how astounding the amenities and facilities are here at Urban Deca Towers EDSA. You would start to forget that you’re in the middle of the city once you experience the features of this place. Given all the pollution, noise, and traffic, you must be in dire need of a place where you can relax and feel serenity. Well, this place is ready to blow you away with its perks.

First of all, the main problem of independent living homeowners already has a solution with Urban Deca Towers EDSA‘s Food Hall. We all know how hard it is to be able to buy affordable yet nutritious food when you are incapable to cook for yourself. Bachelors just tend to depend on food deliveries and tasteless options. Not anymore! You get a variety of healthy food choices just below your unit so you won’t have any hassle when it comes to your foods all day long. It’s just so convenient, right?

Not only that, Urban Deca Towers EDSA guarantees you a place where you can enjoy drinks and fun nights with your friends just below your unit as well with its Bar. Where else can you find a home like this? It’s definitely one for the books as you can invite over your officemates when you just need some booze to cap off a day full of work. You can also enjoy this alone for a chill night with some wine and cheese. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Moreover, a Dining Room is available for you to enjoy giving you the freedom to eat your dinner at peace and avoid all the clutter within your unit. That’s the epitome of the life you deserve.

Another one of the helpful amenities here at Urban Deca Towers EDSA is its Laundromat Services. This is also just the perfect avenue for more convenience to its homeowners. You can easily drop off your clothes on the morning and get it right back before you head back to your unit at night. This saves you more time instead of looking for laundry shops or even doing it by yourself.

Additionally, there is a space opened on the ground floor for commercial spaces wherein different establishments suited for your needs are available as well. This paves way for more options you can choose from anytime of the day.

When you’re choosing the best home you can have, your protection and safety should be on its peak. That’s the priority of Urban Deca Towers EDSA. To make you feel secured, at peace, and sleeping soundly at night all the time. The 24-hour security will bring you confidence that you are in good hands. There are also several CCTV Cameras positioned in the key places of the structure to make sure that every move is observed for your safety. When it comes to emergency situations, Urban Deca Towers EDSA is ready and prepared for anything. There are automatic heat and smoke detectors, fire alarm with sprinklers in all units, back-up power and more.

  • Commercial spaces
  • Laundromat
  • Foodcourt or dining area
  • Bar
  • 24-hour security
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Automatic heat and smoke detectors
  • Fire alarm with sprinkler in all units
  • Back-up power in common areas and per unit
  • 4 basement parking
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